Backpacker Insurance- Get Full Coverage

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Are you going for backpacking? Have you pack your bags and everything essential for backpacking? For backpacking the most essential thing to take in consideration is backpacker insurance. With backpacker insurance you can travel without any stress and can enjoy fully.
Well, stress no more as the internet is host to several online backpacker travel insurance UK firms. Also known as long stay/term travel insurance, this is the best insurance cover for you while you are out on adventures that may last up to 18 months. These kinds of trips present a high degree of risk both to your wellbeing and your baggage. It is therefore imperative to assess all risks involved and get a policy that covers them adequately.

Insurance policies vary from one company to another. Most backpacker insurance policies in the UK are not accessible to persons over the age of 51 and this is so because of the risks posed by such trips. Most backpackers are often students on holiday seeking adventurous sports such as hiking, swimming, canoeing, bungee diving etc. Intrinsically, it is vital that a comprehensive medical cover be included to cater for probable sickness and bodily injuries sustained from accidents other than

Tips That Every Backpacker In The World Should Know

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When you are a student, and sometimes when you want to take time out from your life, the best way to see the world is by backpacking. This is because it is cheap and you will meet like minded people along the way.

Most people who go backpacking will start off their journey on their own but after the first night in their hostel, they will have met a few friends and some of them will continue their journey together.

Backpacking around the world is a lot of fun, but there are a few things that every backpacker should know before they start their travels. These tips are to make sure that they make the best of their trip, so if you are thinking about going backpacking around the world, or even Europe, then read on to see what you are in for.

1. Itinerary – You should plan out an itinerary before you go, otherwise you are going to get to the first hostel and wonder what you are going to do next. The itinerary should be a rough draft of where you are going on each point of the trip. However, you should not be afraid to change it. Circumstances always

Backpacking – Six Ways To Save Money

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As pack weights get lighter and going into the wilderness gets safer, backpacking also is getting more and more expensive. How do you save money without giving up the ultralight equipment and safety gear? Let’s look at a few different ways.

Backpacking in the most remote places has become much safer now that there are personal locator beacons. One I recently saw advertised lets you call for help to 911 and family or friends at the touch of a button. It will even locate you on Google maps so others can see exactly where you are. Of course, at almost $200 for the device plus an annual fee of $100 per year for the service, it isn’t cheap.

My alternative? Just bring your cell phone and GPS unit. If you already own the phone you will only have to buy the GPS, and using it is free. When in trouble you can call for help on your phone and give the coordinates of where you are. They can type them into an online service themselves to see where you are on a map. Since your cell phone probably isn’t satellite based, coverage won’t be quite as good as the expensive

A Bum Bag – The Essential Travel Accessory

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Among the most beneficial items of luggage with regard to those people who do plenty of travelling as well as day trips is the bum bag. This small nonetheless highly practical bag may be utilised to keep ones valued possessions secure when your are out on a day trip. They are usually furthermore incredibly excellent for individuals who like to do outdoor sporting activities for example running, backpacking, mountaineering and riding a bike.

A bum bag is such a superb device as it may be put to very good use in so many different ways. You can wear them in a number of diverse ways. They are available in masses of sizes, models, textiles in addition to colours. Many designer brands have produced a edition and all the prime companies have models on offer.

Based on your needs you will be able to find numerous specialist bum bags which have special storage compartments. If you are looking for a walkers bum bag then you will be able to find ones that hold a drinking water bottle for you. You can also find portable phone holders, iPod pouches, document pockets and loose change storage compartments. You really should try to

What Your Backpacker Travel Insurance Should Include

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When you hear the words backpacker travel insurance you probably think that this type of insurance only covers those who will be backpacking on their next holiday, but the truth of the matter is, backpacker travel insurance is designed for anyone.

Do I need travel insurance?

No matter where you”‘””re travelling, how long you”‘””re going for or how tight your budget, travel insurance is a must. The truth of the matter is, nobody ever knows exactly what may happen when they travel, especially if you are backpacking without a strict plan or schedule. Here are a few reasons why every backpacker should have insurance:

“‘ Any traveler is at risk of suffering serious accidents and injuries, and hefty overseas medical bills can not only mean the end of your trip, but a huge dent to your savings.

“‘ Travelling off the beaten track is a great way to travel, but accidents happen. Emergency rescue assistance is a definite must if you are the adventurous type.

“‘ If you lose or have your personal property taken, your adventure experience could be totally ruined.

What kind of backpackers insurance policy should I look for?
Every insurance company is different, but you